Organizational Set-up

National Congress

The Statue of the General Workers Union signifies the National Congress as the highest body of the Union. It is to be convened every four years, alternating bi-annually with a National Conference. The National Congress is the forum were all the assembled Delegate decide and adopt the Union's poplicies for the future. The National Congress also elects the Central Administration. A National Conference of Delegates is held in between National Congresses. 

National Council

The National Council is the Union's governing body made up of the Central Administration, Sections' Secretaries and Sections' representatives. Both the Pensioners' Association and the GWU Youths are also represented with voting status in the decision making process. 

Central Administration 

The members of Central Administration are elected by the National Congress for a term of four years. The three-body Central Administration, made up of the President, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General is the Union's executive body. It is also ex-officio member of the National Council.

Sections' General Conferences

The Sections' Executive Committee, Group General Meetings, Delegates and Shop Stewards are elected in a bi-annual general conference of each and every Section. The Section's Secretary is however elected for a term of four years in alternate general conferences.
The GWU's seven trade secretariats are run distinctly by their Executive Committee composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and number of members which normally do not exceed twelve persons.

According to the Statute, the Executive Committees are to call at least 12 meetings annually (preferable monthly) or as frequent as deemed necessary in order to deal with matters arising, circumstances and the running of the Section.

The Secretary of the section is the effective head and he occupies the post on a full-time basis while all the section's other elected officials are on a part-time basis for which they are paid an honoraria as decided by the National Council. 


The Delegates are chosen bi-annually during general meetings of organised groups represent the Union's foundations. They represent the diverse groups of workers members of the GWU. They elect the hierarchy of the Union and upon them, gathered in a National Congress or National Conference, fall the responsibility for the best running of the Union. 


The GWU is open to all workers irrespective of their status, wage or salary. Pensioners and Youths can also join the Union through their respective associations. Union members are organised in different trade secretariats according to their profession, sector or trade.

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